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Our Cloud Expertise

Microsoft Azure

Our expert team has solved various use cases utilizing best use of Azure service and cloud hosting. Our solutions are rapid in deployment and scalable on demand utilizing Docker and Azure Kuberntez, Azure functions and Service Fabric.

Amzon AWS

We have implemented many solutions using AWS services and cloud hosting. We have hands on experience in cloud to cloud, on premise to cloud migration. We have implemented end to end solutions on AWS including Static site hosting on S3 accessible through Cloud front, developed microservices that are hosted on AWS and managing via API Gateway doing the user management through AWS Cognito.


Our experts have hands on experience in developing Cloud first solutions using Salesforce. With our Data Model to Solutions approach we convert concepts to live application easily and quickly utilizing full capacity of Salesforce cloud with low code builds. Our team solve critical use cases using Salesforce Sales,Services,Health,Marketing and Lighting Cloud. 

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