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We are domain experts

Banking & Financial Services

Our team has experience in implementing end to end solutions for banking and financial services. Few of use cases we have implemented includes:

    a. Order Re-platform using modern technologies.

    b. Workflow automation for Financial Advisors.

    c. Financial Advisor Business Planning Platform.


We have hands on experience in architecting and implementing enterprise level ECommerce solutions.  Few of use cases we have built are:

    a. Setup of Ecommerce Platform with dynamic content management systems.

    b. Integrate ECommerce with Order Management Systems.

    c. Loyalty program integration with ECommerce Sytems.


Our team has experience in solving multiple use cases  services and solutions for government emergency and non-emergency services. Few of our implementations are:

    a. Unemployment Insurance Tracker

    b. Integrate Salesforce with Warehouse Management for order supply chain management and live tracking of medical equipment orders.

    c.  Incident management portal.

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